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Is your business:

Looking to get more consistent enquiries?

Too dependent on word of mouth?

Having to take on clients and projects that are not an ideal fit?

Spending time posting on social media to a small audience of the same people?

Stuck with a ‘pretty’ website that does nothing?

If your website does not bring in a steady flow of new leads, there’s a good chance it is simply not being found by the right people.

You could have the best website in the world, but if nobody sees it, it can’t do its job.

That's why you need SEO

Every day, potential customers are searching on Google for local businesses.

But with so many people competing to be heard, Google has to decide which websites to show and in what order.

That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in.

SEO is the skill of getting search engines like Google to take notice and rank your website – – so that your business is the one people find when they search.

SEO is all about understanding what Google is looking for, and then doing it. When this happens, your website gets rewarded with higher search rankings, and ultimately more visitors and enquiries.

Local SEO Glasgow

Here's why it matters

Let’s take a real life example of SEO with one of our clients – Prestige Dental Clinic, based in Rutherglen.

Someone in the Rutherglen area is searching for a dentist:

If your business shows up on the first page of Google, here are the chances of someone clicking through to your website:

If your business falls just one position, from 1st to 2nd, it halves the chances of someone clicking on your page. If you slip down to 10th position the click rate drops all the way down to 2.1%.

And if you don’t appear on the first page at all, most searchers will never see your website.

There are other means of being found, of course. There is social media, there is paid advertising. But if your website doesn’t show up on the world’s biggest search engine, think how many business enquiries you will miss out on.

If your website doesn’t show up on Google, people can’t find you. And if they can’t find you, they can’t get in touch with you.

That's why you need SEO!

And there’s more…

When someone searches for a local service business – e.g. any business like a dentist, plumber, accountant, electrician, hairdresser, gym, aesthetician, roofer, etc – Google prioritises local results.

It creates a local pack of the top 3 businesses in the area and shows them above the organic search results.

You probably recognise the little map and distinctive red pins:

This area is known as the Map Pack. 

The businesses that show up here have a big advantage in local search. Getting your business into the top 3 local results or ‘map pack’ on Google increases the chance of someone clicking on your business by at least another 15-20%.

Does your business show up on Google?

How much business could you be missing out on?

We can help you grow your business with SEO. Book a consultation today and let us show you how:

PS By consultation we mean a friendly, informal conversation. Not a sales pitch. We’ll take some details, look at your website and see how we could improve your SEO. We’ll give you some tips, and if it will be entirely up to you if you want to take it any further.

Why SEO?

Every form of digital marketing has its own pros and cons, but SEO has some unique advantages.

No ad spend

SEO targets organic i.e. free searches, rather than using an ad budget to pay for views or clicks. So, when done effectively, SEO can work out considerably cheaper than running ads.

More targeted leads

People who find you through Google have deliberately searched for your service, found your website, read about you and made the decision to get in touch, and are therefore more likely to buy.

Increased credibility

Businesses that appear at the top of Google are automatically assumed to be the best in the category. This means there are less trust hurdles for you to jump through once you get the prospect on the phone to make the sale.

Long Lasting

SEO is persistent and continues to help your business long after the hard work is done. The instant you stop running paid ads your lead generation comes to a complete stop, like turning off a tap.

Grows in value

SEO compounds over time. The longer you do SEO the stronger your online position becomes, and the more results you see. Ads, on the other hand, get more expensive every year.

Hard to beat

With ad space, all someone needs to do is pay more and they can instantly jump ahead of you. In contrast, once you have gained a dominant position on Google, your competitors will need to work very hard to catch up.

Why SEO with us?

Reasonable Pricing

Have you been put off SEO in the past by the eyewatering prices? You wouldn’t be alone. 

We’re not knocking Glasgow SEO agencies who charge high fees. We know SEO for big brands and e-commerce stores is complex and expensive. But as a local business you don’t need to sell a kidney to be seen on Google. Our service is specifically designed for small and medium businesses. It’s not “cheap SEO” – it’s targeted SEO. By focusing on becoming the best in your local area, we can get 90% of the benefit for 10% of the cost, and deliver a greater return on investment in a shorter time.

Measurable Results

We’re here to help you grow your business on Google. To do that we focus on three main measures of progress. We want your business to appear:

1) As high up page one 

2) For as many search terms 

3) In as wide an area as possible. 

We actively monitor rankings, clicks, calls and enquiries, and measure progress to ensure that we’re moving things forward every single month.

Efficient Approach

It’s quite common for Glasgow SEO companies to brush past the website itself and dive headfirst into costly, time-consuming activities higher up the SEO pyramid, like link building and blog article creation. The truth is that for a small business, 80-90% of SEO gains can be made by addressing the website’s structure and content. This is because most websites are sorely lacking in SEO fundamentals. Once these are fixed, there are only 2 or 3 regular actions that make up 90% of the ongoing results. We focus on the core elements that get the biggest results – the cake, rather than the icing.

More than just SEO

Getting your website seen on Google is half the battle. The other half is getting people to enquire once they arrive. Chances are you don’t just want higher Google rankings, you want more enquiries and leads. As web designers we understand that, and we know how to make a website that ‘converts’ – i.e. works – as well as ranks.


Sadly, in the SEO industry, there are many whose model is to sell the dream of #1 rankings and then string the client along for as long as possible. We will only work with a business when we’re certain we can help them get results. We will always be upfront if working together wouldn’t make sense, so you can enquire in confidence.


If you don’t take action to secure your place on Google, you can be sure other businesses will. Don’t wait until your local competitors are way ahead and you have to work 10 times as hard to catch up…

Get moving now, and you can take advantage of Google to feed your business with high quality leads on autopilot.

It’s time to take the first step: