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We offer a managed hosting service that can be arranged standalone or as part of a website build.

Our comprehensive hosting plans include software and plugin updates, site maintenance, security, email, and regular backups so that you can rest assured your website is in safe hands while you get on with business.

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Hosting and Domain Names

Frequently Asked Questions


A Domain Name or ‘URL’ is a unique website address, like or A domain name consists of two main parts – a name followed by an extension, in the format name.extension.

Extensions are commonly used to signify where in the world an organisation is based (such as, .scot, .de or .fr), and/or the type of organisation (e.g. .com signifying USA and/or commercial, .org for charities). With only a few exceptions (e.g. .gov), any domain and extension combination can be registered by anyone.

You can register a domain name at a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or 123reg. You pay a fee to register your domain for a set period of time, from 1 year up to 10 years.

At the end of this period you need to renew your domain if you want to keep using it, or else let it lapse, at which point it will return to the general market for sale.

We can register a domain name for you as part of our hosting service.

If your preferred domain is already taken, you can see if it’s available with a different extension (e.g. instead of the There are many extensions available.

Another common tactic is to insert hyphens to break up words (e.g. instead of You could also add a relevant word to your domain, like If you get creative, you might even end up with a better domain.

We can help you find a suitable domain name as part of our hosting package.

You. The registrar is a middleman who collects a fee to register your details with ICANN, the organisation that administrates domain names. You have the right to transfer your domain away from a registrar and to another provider.

We can help with this if you have already registered a domain.


Your domain is your web address, but, a bit like a PO Box, nothing is actually stored there.

Hosting means uploading your website files to a special computer known as a server. Your domain is then connected to your server, so that visitors see your website when they go to your domain.

Yes – every website, no matter how big or small, needs hosting. Without a server hosting your files, nothing will appear when people go to your website.

Yes, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Running a server in-house is generally too difficult and costly for most small businesses. A more common option is to rent a server (or server space) from a commercial hosting company. However, if you do this, you become responsible for its setup and maintenance.

You need to be able to do things like change nameservers, create databases, admin users etc. If you aren’t experienced with hosting, setting everything up for the first time can take up a lot of time, and it’s easy to made mistakes.

Don’t know your SQL, PHP, or FTP from your DNS? For a service fee, we can help set up your your website, but you would be responsible for ongoing server maintenance and things like backups etc.

Alternatively, our managed hosting service can take these problems off your hands.

We handle every step of the process for you – from registering your domain, setting up your server, installing your website, setting up email, to connecting everything together and going live, and keeping your website secure and up-to-date. We also keep regular backups of your site so that even in the event of something going wrong, we will be able to get you back online almost instantly.

Hosting costs depend on how much space and bandwidth your website will need, and also what features you want. However, our basic managed hosting plan including business email starts at only £15 per month. This is scaleable depending on your requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a custom quote.

Yes, and we can take care of moving the site for you.

The only issue is where sites have been built on a proprietary or ‘closed’ software, such as a website builder tool (e.g. squarespace, wix, godaddy website builder etc). If you wish we can ‘rebuild’ your site as it currently stands but on WordPress, an open source platform. To get a custom quote for this, please get in touch.