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Facebook Ads case study

Here are some recent results/numbers we achieved running Facebook ads for a local bathroom installer.

Why get a company to run Facebook ads?

What do you actually get when you get a company like us to ‘run your ads’? What can we do that’s different or better than just putting up your own ad or boosting posts? Honestly that is a great question.

High converting landing pages

Rather than set the goal of the ad to get messages or send people to the general website to get lost and fizzle out, we created a high converting landing page to direct people to.

A ‘landing page’ means a single funnel page to bring everything together and really sell people on your offer. It’s more effort (for us), but it’s much more convincing for the customer than just a Facebook ad alone.

Once on the landing page, people are directed to fill out an enquiry form. In the form, we capture their contact details including phone number, so our client can contact their leads properly and professionally – not be ghosted on messenger or email.

Ad testing and finding what works

When it comes to the ad itself, we didn’t just put up a quick post and sit back while it burned through our client’s money. We monitored closely what was actually happening. We experimented with the ad format and created a couple of variations to see what worked best.

At first we started with a photo based ad, and found the results could be better. So we created a before and after video of a bathroom transformation, and the engagement and quality shot up dramatically.

Getting better leads

We also decided to put the price front and centre on the ad and the landing page, so you can’t miss it. Why? First because in this case it helps sell the service, but mainly because we don’t want to send pointless leads to our client. The kind of leads who DM you “how much is it”, and then you never hear from again. That way, everyone who gets in touch knows the starting budget and can afford the service – Instant boost in lead quality.

Continuous Improvement

We’re not done – we’ll continue to test more ad variations, and the next step is to help the client beef up their process after the leads come in. But we’ve got a front end system going that’s bringing in reliable enquiries. And it hasn’t taken months of experimentation and hundreds of pounds to get to that point. Within a week we had the system up and running and producing results.

If you have a business in the same or a similar industry, I’m confident we can help you too. If you’re interested, just reach out and let’s have a friendly, non-salesy conversation.

Got a question?

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About the author

About the author

Christy Bannerman is a web designer based in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., with a passion for helping small businesses stand out and grow their business online. He runs The Works Web Design, a company that brings premium website and marketing services to small businesses at an affordable cost.

About the author

Picture of Christy Bannerman

Christy Bannerman

Christy is a website designer based in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. with a passion for helping small businesses stand out and grow their business online. He runs The Works Web Design, a company on a mission to bring premium web design and digital marketing to small businesses at an affordable cost.